Before we attempt to figure out what’s going with Google ranking, let’s take a quick look at the core purpose of Google Search.

Google had a vision long before it created its cash cow Adwords. It was to provide the ultimate search experience and that’s no doubt proven successful.

Think about it. Compare search results you got several years ago with results you get today – what a difference. It’s almost as though Google gets into your head. It seems to understand what you’re thinking as you type into the browser. More times than not, you find the exact information you’re looking for.

Enter SEO Hoping to Manipulate Google Ranking

SEO folks work their fingers to the bone, to present search results aligned to offering on seller websites.

It’s a cat and mouse game. Search Engine Optimization experts develop techniques to confuse the search engines. Google continues to improve its algorithms, aimed at exposing every possible trick.

Google ranking and social media marketing

The last several years have seen major algorithm changes. Google named them HummingbirdPanda, and Penguin, etc. These cute creatures strike fear into the hearts of businesses and SEOs. High earning websites fall off the grid and disappear.

There are “lucky sites” that have not yet been impacted. But they suffer from Google’s slap just the same. No one can find them, relegated deep on pages 4 or 20 of search results, after basking on page 1.

In an ongoing effort to keep Google at the top of its game, the search giant continues to ferret out content not conducive to its goals. 

Since algorithm updates can cause 1000’s of successful revenue websites to disappear overnight, you’re right to ask, “What about my website? Am I at risk?

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer a penalty. Living by Google’s rules is will most likely keep you safe.

  • Content created according to Google Search concepts will never be outdated or fall prey to ever more efficient algorithms.
  • Understand Google’s vision, and works within its boundaries.

Google loves social media because it is interactive

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