Competitive Edge

Before you sell, get an in-depth understanding of your own business and that of your rivals, as well as the marketplace to be targeted. This gives you a competitive edge.

Sales process

The sales process includes steps that take you successfully to and through the sale.

It also helps build a prolonged customer relationship, which will generate regular orders.

The result will be sufficient funds to grow your business.

Commercial agents

Commercial agents are those who sell your services and products for you, in return for commission.

Such an agent may have the ability to offer specialist assistance, in accessing a market in a specific location or business sector.

This might be especially helpful for new business ventures that can not afford to employ a sales team, yet ought to build a substantial list of contacts (leads) quickly.

Commercial agents are very useful in foreign markets, where language and customs create barriers to doing business.

Sales staff

Sales staff can become a necessity eventually.

  • How do you recruit the best people for your business?
  • How do you manage a sales team, keep them motivated, and measure performance?

Help those who represent you

Selling is an exciting profession and without it there would be no business.

Utilizing sales channels frees you up to grow your business.

Help those who sell for you, by differentiating your business, services, and products from the competition.

Potential sales channels

Potential sales channels should be identified to help you sell your service or product.

Choosing the most reliable sales channel is one of the most difficult but important business decisions you will need to make.

Should you open a retail outlet, go knocking on doors, or do you recruit a sales force or sales agent? Perhaps an Internet affiliate program a good alternative.

Selling door-to-door

Selling door-to-door is covered by rules that concern any trader who makes a contract with a consumer, not on their business premises.

  • They apply regardless if the consumer initiated the visit.
  • You must be aware of customer rights (e.g. a seven day cooling-off period) and your obligations.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is essential for any business, large or small. A sales forecast is usually prepared annually, and month-by-month predictions tell you what sales to expect.

This information can rapidly identify opportunities and problems, so they can be tackled in a timely fashion.

It enables you to effectively manage staff, production, and financing, in order to avoid cash flow issues.


Opportunities arise when you keep a close eye on the marketplace.

If you are clear on what you want the business to achieve, you will recognize a good opportunity when it emerges.

Increasing market share

Increasing market share means you are increasing turnover every year. When a business stands still, it is shrinking in real terms.

You need strategies to achieve out of your marketplace. Sell more to existing customers, focus on client service, and deploy marketing efforts directed at retaining customers and expanding your customer base.

Sell to new markets and sell via new sales channels, utilizing innovation and your core competencies to create new products and services.


Tender submission is usual for businesses, that supply services or products to other businesses (B2B), or to the public sector.

  • A simple tender would be a quote for a specific job.
  • Formal tenders usually apply to bigger jobs or long term supply contracts, especially in the public sector, such as a hospital.

Writing a tender is beneficial despite whether you win.\

  • It highlights strengths and weaknesses and clarifies your aims.
  • The feedback is invaluable, and should be incorporated when writing future tenders.


Networking is essential for the success of any business.

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A business is the backbone of ANY entrepreneurial effort you’ll ever undertake.
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Understand important strategic decisions that go into setting up and running your own business. Listen to an experienced small business owner.


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