Entrepreneurship is First and Foremost Thinking Outside the Box

The economy is tough? Entrepreneurship is the answer. Think outside the box and be resourceful.

Are you an entrepreneur deep down and do you always take advantage of new opportunities? Determine if you actually have what it requires an entrepreneur.

Your Own Boss

You may believe that owning your own business may possibly be rewarding and exciting with many advantages, such as being your own boss, and living according to your own schedule.

However, getting ahead and avoiding the traps of overwork require careful planning, creative thinking, and a lot of hard work.

You also need to take risks, including financial investment.

To evaluate whether entrepreneurship is right for you, understand the personal qualities and abilities that can bring success.

Many Traits of Entrepreneurship can be Learned

There is a belief around that certain people are born entrepreneurs. There could be something in that observation, however many of the characteristics can be learned.

You will notice that entrepreneurs often share similar traits and characteristics. Nobody has them all.

An entrepreneur is generally:

  • Inquisitive
  • Creative
  • Highly motivated
  • High energy
  • Hard worker
  • Committed
  • Goal-oriented
  • Independent
  • Self-starter
  • Confident
  • Resilient (continues following failure)
  • Calculated risk taker
  • Avid learner
  • Possesses problem solving skills
  • Possesses management and organizational skills
  • Has integrity (a most important quality)

Improve Your Creativity & Dare to Take Initiative

You can even learn to think more creatively, and improve your creative mind through research, curiosity about more subjects, and by learning more about anything that piques your interest.

New ideas reach those with an open mind – those who are always learning from everything and everyone.


Another way to improve your creativity is to imagine a problem and visualize the solution.

Above all, don’t limit yourself, but always be open to possibilities. This approach feeds your creative mind, producing new ideas. Dare to follow your intuitions.

Here is a good exercise to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Be constantly searching for new ideas (they appear in the most surprising times and places).
  • Start small.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Continue doing it repeatedly till it becomes an important part of who you are.

Why Many Bright Managers don’t Start Businesses

Wandering around corporate corridors are lots of executives who say they’d love to leave the corporate rat race, join the ranks of free-thinking entrepreneurs, and grab a future for themselves.

However, except for putting out feelers every once in a while, they continually defer jumping on the band wagon, saying the perfect opportunity yet to happen. They feel unprepared. Addionally, financial and family commitments prevent them from taking the risk of living without the perks and inflated salary they have come to expect.

The longer the decision to start a business is put off, the less likely it is that such a move will happen.
Corporate employees are cogs in big wheels

These people know a great deal, but rarely have a true bird’s eye view of the terrain. They don’t really know how a business works.

Corporate executives rely heavily on assistants and support services, and they have never themselves undertaken the menial and mundane tasks that keep a business humming.

Wearing Many Hats

The entrepreneur meanwhile, is able to create a startup out of nothing. Such an individual wears many hats, till they can afford assistance and support functions. An entrepreneur is a “jack-of-all-trades” and must have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the business.

While corporate executives are accustomed to delegating and distancing themselves from the “dirty work,” this is a luxury a start-up can not afford.

In their early days start-ups have no management. Everyone does whatever they can learn on the fly, or have sufficient knowledge for. Hence, such teams of enthusiasts are more effective at building ventures from nothing.

These environments, though hectic and at times chaotic, are addictive to certain people.

Entrepreneurship can be a career if you start early enough.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are is the Engine that is Driving Tomorrow

Waiting for perfect timing is generally futile, for there is no perfect moment to delve entrepreneurship. If you find a winning business idea that sparks entrepreneurial passion in you, go for it. You could age yourself away from the satisfaction of a life in start-ups by continuing to hang around a corporation.

However, if you do make the jump, get used to working nights.

No one is born with knowledge but anyone can take initiative and learn on the go – that’s what entrepreneurship is all about

You need not already have all the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Nobody was born knowing everything they need to know. You too, can learn many skills.

Furthermore, it is wise to outsource certain tasks.

Don’t let Fear Hold you Back from Entrepreneurship

Fear prevents lots of people from embracing their dreams. Don’t be among them. Innovate, think outside the box, plan carefully, and ACT!

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A business is the backbone of ANY entrepreneurial effort you’ll ever undertake.
Realize that opportunities can generate income based on your skill sets, hobbies, or passions. 

People fail because they don’t understand what EVERY business MUST have. And, they have no idea what questions to ask.

Understand important strategic decisions that go into setting up and running your own business. Listen to an experienced small business owner.


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