The need for Google recovery following a penalty is a scary prospect for any business owner. Then one day, your profitable website has disappeared and a nice income with it. Now, imagine the nightmare of trying to contact Google, in vain.

Traffic is Key

Traffic is a vital part of any online business. There can be no transactions, unless people come through your virtual front door. Without visitors, there’s no hope of a lead or a sale. In other words, to succeed, you need traffic. These are people who are most likely to buy or interact with you.

Google – Leading Source of Online Traffic

Traffic can be hard to come by and experts use various avenues to bring traffic to you. But let’s discuss search engine traffic and Google’s role. so you can better understand the risk of a Google penalty.

High placement in Google search results drives traffic and sales. So, a great deal of effort and resources are invested in attaining that goal.

There is an insatiable appetite for a constant stream of visitors. It caused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies to appear like mushrooms after rain. Day and night, these energetic teams manipulated web pages to get Google to rank content. While it’s important to optimize your website, over-optimization is dangerous. Black hat SEO especially, runs the risk of your getting slapped with a Google penalty.

There has been a love-hate relationship with the Giant, who has your online future in his hands. But the lesson is pretty simple. You need traffic and Google needs you to live by its rules. Perhaps it’s time to do just that. 🙂

Google Penalties Threaten Your Business – Are You in for a Google Recovery?

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Google Penalties – A Thing of the Past?

Google Penalties were rare when its algorithms were less sophisticated than they are now. Various techniques sent web pages to the top of search results. These included keyword stuffing. This happened even if the content had nothing to do with specific search terms. Business owners enjoyed the benefits, unaware that Google might bite them down the road.

Those happy days are over and Google penalties (or Slaps as they are often called) are alive and well.

We now know that it’s harder to manipulate Google. Constant modifications to the search ranking algorithm, have made this painfully clear. Anyone who builds their business around “Google manipulation” is at risk. They could see their websites disappear without warning.

In the past,  1-2 years elapsed between major algorithm updates. But today they can hit your website any day.

A Strong Online Presence

“So, what are my options?” you ask.

  • Don’t build your entire business on attaining the 3 or 4 top spots in Google rankings for a handful of targeted keywords.

“So, what about Google penalties?” you wonder.

  • Social media is a good way to go. Google loves social media because it creates real content by and about real people. This keeps the web alive. More and more, Google itself is participating as a social hub.

A strong online presence is vital to any business. In some places half of all businesses do not have a website? Without a solid online presence, these entrepreneurs miss out on marketing tools available.

If you’re not on the web, you don’t exist when it comes to full marketing potential. Much of what goes on in the world of business passes you by.

But, even if you do have a website, there’s no guarantee that anyone will find it and interact with you. For that you need social media. Many business owners are stumped when they wade into the murky waters of social media. They don’t have the tools or time to get a good handle on this powerful marketing machine. Hiring experts is a good solution.

Hope for Google recovery need not keep you awake at night – avoid penalties

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