An effective social media plan helps you become a recognized entity online. A well-designed social strategy, strengthens your brand and instill confidence in customers.

When someone’s looking for a health professional, a lawyer, a tradesman, or a service you sell, they usually research their shortlist of options on the web.

  1. Would they FIND you?
  2. What would make them TRUST you enough to put their health, wealth and future in your hands?
  3. Is there a good reason for them to CHOOSE you over your competitors?

For example, a dentist was recommended to my sister years ago by friends, who said he was great with kids. A surgeon before turning to dentistry, he saves his patients huge dental bills with his expertise. Outside office hours he’s a pilot and a triathlete. Sadly, all a quick Internet search revealed was a blurry YouTube video, a couple of incomplete business listings, and one short comment somewhere. What’s wrong with that picture?

94% of businesses have no online marketing strategy and it’s hurting their bottom line – what about you?

Your customers expect to see you online and want to interact with you. Without a Social Media presence, you simply don’t exist. Did you know that Google has penalized 1000’s of high earning websites, making them disappear overnight, because people break the rules? That could be you!

What on Earth’s Going On? You Need a Social Media Plan

Many business owners are unaware of a huge ONLINE MARKETING SHIFT that has occurred. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is fast being transformed by Social Media Marketing (SMM). Methods previously used to optimize websites don’t work as well as they used to and quite a few of them could put your website at risk of Google penalties.

Google’s Gone Social Too!

Google loves Social media and continues to position itself as a major player. Most important, Google encourages use of Social Media with improved search result positions.

A good social media plan gets clients to choose you

A business is the backbone of ANY entrepreneurial effort you’ll ever undertake.
Realize that opportunities can generate income based on your skill sets, hobbies, or passions. 

People fail because they don’t understand what EVERY business MUST have. And, they have no idea what questions to ask.

Understand important strategic decisions that go into setting up and running your own business. Listen to an experienced small business owner.


No magic. These are simple, proven, vital steps. And they can transform yours into a solid business:

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