Before discussing Social Media Specialist & SEO – What is Search Engine Optimization these days? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures that a web page is easy to find when a specific search term is used. A well optimized page is also likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPS). Content must be:

  • Unique
  • Reader friendly

Gaming the System or Using a Social Media Specialist

Social Media Manager and SEO In the past there was a great deal of manipulation of content to trick Google into ranking pages. Companies invested manpower and financial resources in SEO at the expense of readers. Google became increasingly adept at foiling such attempts by modifying its algorithms. It penalized websites that broke its rules. Each algorithm update caused websites to disappear over night. SEO uses “Hat” terminology to describe the ethics level of techniques employed:

  • Black Hat SEO – Unethical
  • White Hat SEO – Ethical
  • Gray Hat SEO – Borderline

A Battle?

SEO has been an ongoing struggle. It’s a clash between Google’s basic aims and a desire by companies to rank, at any price. Because a lucrative, heavily trafficked website can mean 7-figure incomes, the gloves are off.

Cost of SEO

Google pay-per-click advertising used to be expensive. Small businesses were often afraid let Google’s hand into their pockets . Adwords can be an excellent tool when managed correctly. But many business owners lack knowhow and time required. They need to staff to manage campaigns or outsource. SEO aimed at attracting free traffic would seem a cheap alternative. But it is labor intensive and thus prohibitively expense. Uncounted man hours go into building links both on and offsite. Many other activities are needed aimed at getting improved ranking in Google’s search results.

Google Slaps

So much effort, time, and money go into battling the behemoth called Google. Then it slaps hard and throws websites out of its index businesses if they misbehave. An example: staff working on a website earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, left for the night. Next morning the site had disappeared without a trace. Getting hold of Google to complain is difficult at best. In the end a new website was created from scratch. Ouch!

So, what does Google want? Does it really hate SEO hats?

Actually, not at all. When you think about it, SEO of all shades, have kept Google’s feet to the fire. And the search experience has improved. Heroic efforts by industrious SEO experts have given Google a run for its money. At no cost to the giant, this huge beta site has been a gift to Google. As a result search, which is Google’s core business, has improved. Surely, that’s a dream come true for them. A good reason to get yourself a social media specialist. When asked recently if Google hates SEO’s, Matt Cutts, Google’s leading engineer and spokesman said:

“…follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines… updates are directed toward black hat SEO,” Cutts said. “It’s a war on spam… a lot of people asking, ‘How do I fake sincerity? How do I fake being awesome?’ Why not just be sincere and be awesome?

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