Social Networking: How the world communicates today is so different if you look back to ten years ago. The web has completely changed how people live their lives. From getting information, to communicating with loved ones, to how businesses operate. The Internet has completely revolutionized how people interact.

Social networking is the number one reason why people go online. Billions of people all over the world use social networks to interact with others. No wonder companies have been using social media to boost their business.

Not everyone knows how powerful social media is. What does it mean when you say social media?

What is Social Media?

In simple terms, social media is a means of mass communication. Social media is an online platform offers information and encourages interaction. It encourages interaction through comments, messages, Liking, and voting.

Social media takes on many different forms of electronic communication

Social media platforms are an integral part of life on the web:

  • Blogs like WordPress and Tumblr
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Multimedia sharing portals like YouTube and Instagram

Traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, are a one-way street type of communication. A publication gives information and that’s it.

Social media is a two-way street. Someone, for example an authority figure, provides information, and enables sharing, interaction. Social media fosters discussions, community, and relationship building.

Social Networking for Business

Billions of people use social media so it is only natural that businesses use it to reap its benefits.

Social media has gone far beyond entertainment and private social interaction. It is a massive influence in businesses marketing. It has definitely paved the way for small businesses to exist and flourish online. Social media has changed how large corporations create personal relationships with customers. This could not have happened over a decade ago.

The free marketing tool called social marketing saves businesses a lot of money. The fact that they can instantly connect with customers has revolutionized marketing.

One in four businesses use social networking sites today to boost their online presence.

People all over the world use the top sites for personal and professional purposes.  These are target audiences companies want to reach. Understanding them and working with relevant data to help marketing.

Absence from these platforms will hurt your business.  Social media is how the world revolves today, and not using it may leave you behind.

Social Media Consulting

Starting out, many companies do not have suitable staff with enough know how and skills. Social media strategy building and management is quite complicated.

To get the best out of a brand’s online presence, research and expertise on the subject are needed. It’s not just opening an account on Facebook or Twitter and posting. That’s not enough.

Other media platforms need tactics and strategies to achieve their full potential.  The same is true for social media.

Executives and companies don’t have time to understand the workings of social media. This is where a social media consultant will come in handy.

Social media consulting educates companies about the potential  of social media for business.

They tell clients how to:

  • Develop media campaigns
  • Manage their presence on blogs and social networking sites,
  • Get links
  • Bring in massive traffic to the brand websites

A consultant provides:

  • Audits
  • Strategic planning
  • Measurements and tracking
  • Advice on how to achieve social media success

The depth of knowledge offered by a social media consultant helps achieve success.

Social media for business – the best investment you can make

A business is the backbone of ANY entrepreneurial effort you’ll ever undertake.
Realize that opportunities can generate income based on your skill sets, hobbies, or passions. 

People fail because they don’t understand what EVERY business MUST have. And, they have no idea what questions to ask.

Understand important strategic decisions that go into setting up and running your own business. Listen to an experienced small business owner.


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